December 9, 2023

Reaching out to all teachers, educators, and parents. High-yield activities should be on your “to-do” list in class, and most people don’t even know what they are. High-yield activities are imperative for students to gain confidence and improve their critical thinking skills.  Hands-on activities that are engaging. Connecting different academic skills that will resonate with life skills for their future. Don’t worry they are not hard to learn and implement and the results are amazing!


Spelling is the key to the gifted reading. This activity consists of having letter flashcards (3-4 sets of the alphabet), and 1 set of vocabulary words that you make up. Letter cards are scattered on the table or floor- before calling out a word and in teams, students have to run and pick up the letters needed. Here are some fantastic high-yield spelling games for your students.

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2. Get an “A” in Anagrams 


Anagrams are a great way to get kids thinking and really using all their brain power. Anagrams can be done individually or in teams. Make it even more challenging by doing it by theme- animals, weather, presidents, or whatever you are studying at the moment.

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3. Boys & Girls Club High Yield Activities


The Boys and Girls Club has been a second home for youth for over 50 years and they are leaders in education, guidance, and helping students reach their goals. Here is an amazing link to high-yield activities for youth. Pass it on and be a leader.

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4. Online Free Critical Thinking Games


Here are some cool and challenging online critical thinking games Some of them might to new to you and a bit tricky and others are traditional games such as chess, memory, and more. You can play individually or in pairs. Great for the IT tech class & Important for life skills.

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5. Story Time & Chess = fun for children

Chess is a game that develops attention span and improves memory and spatial reasoning ability. In chess, concentration and memory go hand in hand. Teach your students how to play chess through this whimsical storytime book and board game. You read and play along.

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6. Clever Math Games with a deck of cards


Playing cards is a popular game that people have used to relax for centuries. However, nowadays we need to get out those cards and incorporate them into the classroom for some mathematical fun. There are so many benefits to card games and your kids will become number-savvy in weeks.

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Scrabble improves memory, vocabulary, focus, and strategy!  Make a DIY Gigantic Scrabble board for every corner of your class and have 6 children at each corner with one board in the middle. Rotate so that each learner plays each board once. They are all winners here as the objective is critical thinking and speed.

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Improving literacy is not so easy since we live in an era of digital technology. Playing word games inside and outside of the class can really benefit your child in developing their reading and comprehension skills. Here are some classic word games to get started!

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9. Letter Arrangements, Word scramble, Crossword, and Word Hustle!


These paper and pencil games used to be played at home, in the dentist’s office, on the bus, and on holidays. We have now moved to digital versions but cannot forget these games that gave us a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. Brain Games keep us on our toes!

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10. Leadership & High Yield Activities 


Being a leader is not just about telling people what to do. It is about the balance between work, play, and taking care of our health. Teach your students about nutrition and having a balanced lifestyle so that they learn how to be the best versions of themselves.

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When you think about cooking and teaching the skills of the craft, you probably think about tweens or teens. You would be surprised how beneficial it is to get kids into the kitchen at a young age and teach them math, sciences, reading, and even history whilst they’re in there! It is the perfect room for high-yield results.

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12. Grade-Level Brain Quest Cards


Brain Quest Cards are easy to manage and can be easily stored. Brightly colored and with easy-to-read questions and answers, these cards are great to have in different areas of the classroom. They’re available by grade level so you can involve all learners.

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13. Activities with Mr. Erik!


Mr. Erik brings us some awesome videos and tutorials on high-yield learning activities to get the wheels moving in the brain. Let’s use them to have some fun! Empower yourself in education and learning with the help of these wonderful videos.

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14. Engineer a Paper Plane


Part of being an engineer is building, testing, failing and rebuilding, testing again, and finally finding success. Kids love paper airplanes and all of the STEAM activities that come with them. Here are some ideas to get your flight aviators off the ground and one step closer to reaching for the stars.

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Sensory Learning plays a big part in the developmental stages of children. We as educators need to make sure that they do not lose sight of the big picture and let kids be kids with sensory play. Visual and Spatial learning are the two key factors here, not to mention listening skills.

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