December 3, 2023

Get ready for a fun-filled and educational experience with the classic song, “Wheels on the Bus”! Let’s explore 18 different activities that will bring this timeless tune to life. From art projects and mathematical concepts to writing adventures and physical education, there’s something for everyone. So, put on your thinking cap, listen to the popular song, and start the exciting journey of discovering all the different ways you can connect the “Wheels on the Bus” song to things you can do with your child. 

1. Singing Wheels on the Bus

Singing is a fun and interactive way to engage with the “Wheels on the Bus” song. Encourage children to sing along and practice their pronunciation and rhythm. You can also encourage creativity by having the children come up with their own verses for the song. 

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2. Hand Movements

Acting out the motions mentioned in the familiar song, “Wheels on the Bus”,  is a great way to get children moving and having fun. For example, have the children move their arms in a circular motion to imitate the wheels turning when you sing, “the wheels on the bus go round and round”. 

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3. Bus Artwork

Use this easy, pre-made digital activity with your child! Your child can use a variety of art materials like a black marker, various paint colors, and plain paper to create their own patterned bus. What an adorable way to showcase the song they have just learned to sing with you. 

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4. Drama

Set up a bus-themed dramatic play area for children to play and act out their own “Wheels on the Bus” scenarios. This could include seats, steering wheels, and ticket stands. This activity promotes imagination, creativity, and social skills as children learn to work together and take on different roles.

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5. STEM Experiments

Explore the concept of wheels and transportation, and how they work with science experiments. This activity promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills as children learn about cause-and-effect relationships. Gather materials such as toy cars, blocks, and ramps to experiment with.

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6. Counting with the Wheels on the Bus

This activity helps to develop children’s counting skills by using the number of windows on a bus. Children can count the number of windows on different types of buses, practice writing and recognizing numbers, and learn about basic mathematical concepts such as odd and even numbers.

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7. Pin the Wheels on the Bus

Use this awesome digital resource from Etsy to play “Pin the Wheels on the Bus”. To begin, kids need to be blindfolded to play this game. Each child will then see if they can correctly attach the wheel to the bus. What an awesome rendition of a classic kid’s party game. 

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8. The History of Buses

Learn about the history of buses and how they have evolved over time. Children can learn about the first buses, how they were powered, and how buses have changed over the years to become more efficient and eco-friendly. They can also learn about the role of buses in transportation and how they have impacted society.

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9. Music Time

Experiment with different instruments and sounds to create a musical interpretation of the “Wheels on the Bus” song. This activity combines music and creativity by allowing children to experiment with different instruments and sounds to create a musical creation of the “Wheels on the Bus” song. 


10. Write a Story

The Badly Behaved Bus: Reading for Writing Resource Pack

Write new verses for the “Wheels on the Bus” song, or create a story inspired by the song. Children can learn about storytelling, creative writing, and the power of imagination. In this resource, learners will write a story about a badly behaved bus and even get to design a wanted poster. 

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11. Cooking with Kids

Rice Krispie Treat School Buses

Make bus-shaped snacks, such as sandwiches or cookies, to enjoy after singing the song. This recipe uses a classic rice crispy treat and turns it into a delicious bus-shaped treat. This is a simple and delicious recipe that you can make with your child. 

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12. Class Gift

Create a cute school-themed keepsake with this school bus of friends free printable!

Want a way to showcase all of the learners in your class? Connect the idea with the Wheels on the Bus to create an adorable folding photo frame with each child’s face. Check on the free, downloadable template and start crafting now! 

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13. Digital Creation

Use technology to make a digital bus, or create a video of the “Wheels on the Bus” song. A great way to do this is by using the website Canva as they offer free digital posters, cards, and more. Work with your child to find fun fonts, graphics, and more. 

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14. Creative Writing

Encourage children to write their own bus adventures, funny story, or bus-themed storybook. This story template connects Halloween with the Wheels on the Bus. Children can spin the “Spooky Storytelling Wheel” to determine what creative aspects will need to be included in their story. 

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15. Eco-Friendly Transportation

Learn about alternative forms of transportation and how they are better for the environment, including buses. Kids can consider the options between biking, taking the bus, walking, or using another form of transportation. You can compare and contrast which ones are more eco-friendly and accessible to you. 

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16. Learn about your Community

Public Transportation Buses for Sale in Seattle

Discuss the role of buses in communities and how they help people get where they need to go. Chat with your child about all of the benefits of public transit. Perhaps, you can even take a ride on a local bus, metro, or subway. 

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17. Learn about other Cultures

Explore the Wheels on the Bus song in different cultures and languages by comparing and contrasting various versions. In this version, your child can try learning French alongside the English version. What a great way to celebrate diversity and cultivate language learning! 

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18. Become Engineers

Wheels on the Bus STEM Activity Finding Wheels that Move

Have children build their own bus using materials such as cardboard boxes, paper, plastic cups, and glue. Talk together about how the bus would need to be constructed to make it functional. See if they can find a way to make the wheels move. This is a quick-prep STEM challenge that your children will love!

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