December 5, 2023

Most games are more fun when shared, and kids love to play together- whether that is in school, at home, or in the park! From team-building games that improve kids’ social skills to board games and tasks with a common goal, teamwork is a huge part of the learning experience. We have researched and uncovered some new and exciting team games and some classics that will have your kids giggling and growing together!

1. “What’s On Your Head?”

Sticky Note Games for Kids - Your Therapy Source

This variation of the classic Pictionary game has kids write a name, place, or object on a piece of paper and stick it on the forehead of another player. They need to use word association and explanation skills to help the guesser discover the word on their head.

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2. Group Juggling

group juggling - DeepFUN | Games for kids, Kids playtime, Second grade games

When the classic challenge of juggling just isn’t exciting enough, gather your kiddos into a circle and try this fun group juggling game! Ask your kids to think of strategies for who should throw to who and how to keep multiple balls in the air!

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3. Lego Building Challenge

LEGO Copycat Challenge - A TOTALLY Fun Cooperative Game - Frugal Fun For  Boys and Girls

For this indoor group game, each team needs three players, the looker (who gets to see the model), the messenger (who talks to the looker), and the builder (who builds the copycat model). This challenge works on communication skills and collaboration!

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4. Balloon Tennis

Winter Activities - Pediatric & Adolescent Health Partners

You can try many variations with this simple game that can emphasize academic goals such as math skills, vocabulary, coordination, motor skills, and cooperation. Split your kids into two teams, set them on opposite sides of a net, and let the balloons fly!

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5. Team Scavenger Hunt


This is the perfect game you can devise specifically for an indoor space using hidden objects or make it an outdoor activity with items from nature! Group scavenger hunts are a great way to combine social interaction with movement and word association. Find a free printable online or create your own!

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6. Community Service: Litter Clean Up

There are plenty of activities for kids that can positively impact their community while also teaching social skills and responsibility. Litter clean-up can become a game if you add a little competition to the mix. Split kids into teams and see which team collects the most trash at the end of the day!

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7. Marshmallow Challenge

The marshmallow challenge — Science Learning Hub

A couple of minutes to set up the marshmallows and common materials from your house, and it’s game time! Give each team 20 minutes to design and build a structure using spaghetti, tape, marshmallows, and string!

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8. Trust Walk

You may have heard of this classic game used for team building in various contexts. With kids, the premise is simple- put everyone in pairs and blindfold the one walking in front. The person following must use their words to guide their partner to an end destination.

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9. Digital Resource: Escape the Classroom Game

Elementary school students look at laptop computer - Challenger Learning  Center St. Louis

This link details how to create and implement an “escape the classroom” game for your kids with learning goals and themes you can personalize! Some ideas include holidays, vocabulary, and popular storylines. 

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10. Create a Collective Story

12 Memory Games For Kids That'll Give Their Brain a Workout

This circle game gets the entire class to contribute to a story by prompting each child with words or images. You, as the adult, can begin the story, and then players can chime in with ideas from their cards to create a totally unique and collaborative story.

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11. Team Song and Dance Challenge

Songs kids love to sing along to | Foundation Education

For this fun group game, split your kids into teams of 4-5 and ask them to choose a song, learn the words, and make up a dance. You can do this using a karaoke application, or kids can sing along with the original songs. 

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12. Murder Mystery Game for Kids

A Dead Man's Chest

This classic game can be an engaging experience that excites creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork to solve the “who done it” mystery! You can have a mix of different-aged kids so the older ones can help the younger ones with characters and clues.  

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13. Gift and Gratitude Game

7 Different Ways for Kids to Say Thank You

Write every child’s name on a piece of paper and put them in a bowl. Each person picks a name and has 2-3 minutes to ask their partner questions. After a couple of minutes, everyone must look around the room for a suitable gift for their partner. Once everyone has given and received the gifts, they can write little gratitude notes to their partner. 

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14. Paper Chain Challenge

STEM Challenge longest paper chain results in a real life bar graph of paper chains

Here is a resourceful indoor activity for kids that uses one piece of paper, scissors, some glue, and teamwork to complete it! Each group of kids receives a sheet of paper, and they must decide how to cut and paste their chain links to make their paper span the furthest distance. 

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15. Fill the Bucket

Fill the Bottle. Each team has to fill the empty bottle, passing water from one to another with the palms of their hands without any tools. The team that fills first or the maximum wins.

Ready to laugh and splash some water around with this outdoor game? The goal is to fill your team’s bucket with water faster than the other team! The catch is you can only use your hands to transfer water from one source to another. 

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16. Group Puzzle Ideas

Puzzle Piece Quotes For Classroom -

There are some really cute and fun variations of puzzles your group of kids can contribute to for decoration, education, and sharing! One idea is for each person to use a template to cut out a puzzle piece design from colored construction paper and write their favorite quote on it. The template will ensure everyone’s pieces fit together to do a perfect puzzle!

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17. Red Light, Green Light

Playing Red Light, Green Light Outside

We all know how a traffic light works, and I am sure many of us have played this fun icebreaker game in school or with our children at some point. This physical activity can be played inside or outside and the excitement will keep kids running and laughing all afternoon!

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18. Getting to Know Aliens

19 Creative and Fun Icebreaker Games for Kids | LoveToKnow

This fun game helps with speaking and listening skills, as well as quick thinking and creativity! Arrange your group of kids in a big circle or pair them off and ask them to imagine an alien on an alien planet. After giving them a few moments, ask them to greet the group or their partner and how they believe their alien world and see how they can communicate without using actual words.

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19. Bob the Weasel

Group of Kids Playing a Game in a Circle Outside Stock Photo | Adobe Stock

This exciting activity will be your kids’ new favorite game! To play, you’ll need a small object like a bouncy ball or hair clip that can be easily hidden and passed between kids’ hands. Whoever wants to be Bob stands in the middle of the circle, and the rest of the kids make a circle and try to pass the hidden object behind their backs without Bob seeing who has it.

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20. Look Up, Look Down

Eye Care Tips for Children, How to Take Care of Child's Eye Health, Eye  Care Home Remedies for Kids | ParentCircle

Ready to break the ice and improve your kids’ social skills through eye contact and exciting interaction? This party game has one person be the conductor-  telling the kids in the circle to either “look down” at their feet or “look up” at someone in the group. If two people look up at each other, they are out!

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21. Scribble Drawing

Scribble Drawings from the Scribble Drawing Game

You can try countless variations of group drawing games to improve kids’ creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Have each player scribble something on a blank sheet of paper, then pass to the right with each person adding to the scribble until it becomes a collaborative image!

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22. Hacky Sack Math

The Retro Hacky Sack - Free pattern - Carroway Crochet

You can use this bean bag toss game to practice a variety of learning goals-  one highlighted here is multiplication. Arrange students in groups of 3 and have them count multiplication tables each time they kick the hacky sack!

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23. Chopstick Challenge

11 Chopsticks Games for Kids to Play While You Cook Dinner

Are your kids able to use chopsticks? In Western cultures, many people don’t use these eating utensils, but they can be useful tools for improving kids’ motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Play a game where kids take turns picking up small food items with chopsticks and transferring them to another bowl. Set a time limit or specific number for added competition! 

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24. Toilet Paper Roll Tower

10 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts & Activities for Kids | KiwiCo

A building challenge with craft elements and a little competition! First, help your kids cut and paint toilet paper rolls in different sizes and colors. Then ask them to create a tower and see who can build the coolest structure in the shortest amount of time.

Learn More: Kiwi Co

25. Group Painting Project

Super Fun Collaborative Art Projects for Kids

Sensory games that use art are an excellent outlet for groups of kids to share and bond. A big canvas and lots of paint can be exactly what your gathering needs to inspire creativity, friendship, and growth!

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