December 9, 2023


Trilitech is actively forming partnerships with esteemed game studios and startups initiated by experienced game developers. The objective is to infuse their games with Web3 features that run on the Tezos blockchain. A significant partnership has been established with the creators of BattleTabs by Gangbusters.

BattleTabs, a multiplayer battleship game developed by Gangbusters and crafted by a small team in Perth, Australia, and Cambridge, England, is renowned for its engaging strategy and gameplay mechanics. Players can enjoy the game directly in a browser or install it as a browser extension, offering the convenience of short matches during work or study breaks. With over 1 million downloads, the game has built a strong community, boasting 15,000+ active members on Discord and more than 100,000 shots fired daily. Additionally, mobile versions for iOS and Android are in the works.

The highlight of this collaboration with Trilitech is the integration of digital collectibles into BattleTabs, named BattleTabs Cards. These digital collectible cards can be traded amongst players and come in various sets, each showcasing a unique theme or art style. Every set is limited, and cards have different rarity levels.

Jeremy Foo of trilitech talks about the Gangbusters/BattleTabs partnership

These cards are not merely for aesthetics; they grant unique benefits in the BattleTabs game and other associated experiences. For instance, players can craft cosmetic items or ship skins using card combinations. These crafted treasures can then be showcased or traded within a personal 3D sandbox, with dynamic animations and behaviors.

The adaptability of BattleTabs Cards is profound. They operate on a “shared card database”, allowing individuals to develop new game ideas or even host tournaments using these cards. The community can freely distribute cards, promoting a shared ecosystem around the BattleTabs Universe.

Notably, BattleTabs Cards are built on blockchain technology. This decision followed over 1.5 years of research into how blockchain can enhance gaming experiences. The composability and interoperability features of blockchain enable co-creation of games with the community, offering an innovative approach that deviates from traditional free-to-play game models. BattleTabs Cards specifically support the Solana and Tezos protocols due to their energy efficiency and processing speed.



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