December 9, 2023

CINCINNATI — President Biden came to Cincinnati to talk about the future of 3D printing, but a decade ago, many people hadn’t heard of additive technology.

Additive technology is an industrial term for 3D printing.

The Tri-State is proving to be ideal for young people to manufacture their own dreams with the technology.

Local kids are getting the chance to experiment with this technology from a young age, in a way no other generation has before.

Anderson High School student Drew Mileham had an interest in additive technology from a young age.

“I think I grew up in the right time,” Drew said. “A lot of new tech coming out, making everything easier”

Drew started 3D printing when he was 12.

“I like to see technology evolve,” he said.

“Whenever I see something new and exciting, I always try to jump on it and get my hands on the newest tech.”

Many schools in the Greater Cincinnati area have 3D printers available, but kids can also experiment with additive technology at the Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library’s MakerSpace.

“The early exposure to stem which is what 3D printing really is at its base,” Nate Pelley, Manager of MakerSpace said.

“It’s a great way to expose kids to the idea that maybe they could be an engineer, maybe they could be an architect somewhere down the line,” Pelley said.

Drew Mileham is now 16 years old. He believes his experience with additive technology will be beneficial for his future.

“It’s going to be a valuable skill to have to get into the workforce, especially as an engineer,” Mileham said.

Drew has since gotten into software development. He designs video games with friends around the world.

Drew’s mother, Anastasia Mileham, said he started doing it for fun, but now it has become a part time job. He picks up projects and makes money programming video games.

Drew taught himself how to do it by watching videos on YouTube.

“The game development work that he got into really stemmed from that little 3D printer,” she said.

Anastasia said she’s been impressed with the new technologies her kids know about.

“I learned from both Drew and his brother daily about what’s going on,” she said. “It’s a whole new generation.”

3D printing is expected to continue to evolve in the future.

“We’re going to be seeing things like houses be printed in 3D. We’re going to see bridges being built in 3D,” Pelley said. “Really, the possibilities are endless.”

If you want to try out the Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library’s 3D printers, the library recommends making a reservation online. You can do that up to six weeks in advance.

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