December 5, 2023

Children today are growing up in a world that is quite different from the one that their parents have grown up in. While some may still enjoy going outside to play, reading in their room, or pulling out the old board games. However, a lot of children would also rather play on the computer or engage in some video games. Technology is the age these children are growing up in, and it is what they relate to, and for some, it is the best way they learn. This means that parents have to evolve and adapt their strategies on what they allow their children to do.

However, since parents may not have grown up with video games, they may not know which ones are popular or appropriate for their school-aged child. They want their child to engage in what they are interested in, but they also want to make sure what they are playing is developmentally appropriate. It also would help if they learned a thing or two along the way. We have found the best 10 video games for your school-aged child, and you may want to join them for a round or two.

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10/10 Animal Crossing

Credit Nintendo

Animal Crossing has been a game that has grown in popularity over the last couple of years, and it is a game for every age. According to PC Mag, this is a great game for young children, and it involves living on a small island, and engaging in a bunch of activities. It is a safe game, that can teach them about making friends and problem-solving.

9/10 Kirby

kids playing video game
kids playing video game

Nintendo has been a staple in a lot of homes for decades now, and most of their games are always family-friendly. Kirby may be a name that parents remember from when they were kids, and he is that little (adorable) pink guy. The game still continues to be fun, and not too challenging for a young child. This ensures that they won’t get too frustrated playing.

8/10 Mario Kart

Mario Luigi pexels
Via Pexels

Mario continues to be an icon in the video game world, and this is one that parents will love to play with their children. It will hit them with a bit of nostalgia. While all Mario games are relatively easy and fun, Mario Kart takes the fun up a notch and lets everyone take part in some fun races. The newer versions have a feature that will make sure players stay on the road, easing some frustrations.

7/10 Among Us

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Via Among Us and Shutterstock

According to Very Well Family, this is another game that has hit high popularity over the last couple of years, and it is free for anyone to play. This game may be suited to the older school-aged child, because there are slight cartoon depictions of violence, and mom may want to take it for a test run first, but this is a game the whole family can enjoy, and it is pretty addictive.

6/10 Pokémon Snap

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Via Amazon and Shutterstock

Pokémon continues to be something that all children love, and the Pokémon Snap game may be perfect for younger children who want something that is easy to play and is very laid back. This game is only available on Nintendo Switch, and it involves the player searching for Pokémon and making sure they get pictures of them.

5/10 Just Dance

Credit: YouTube/ Just Dance

This is the perfect game for the whole family, and it is great for getting your children up and dancing. If there is a rainy day, this is the game to put on that is fun and can get the whole family moving their bodies. Up to 6 people can play this game, and if mom and dad don’t have enough controllers, you can use smartphones as controllers.

4/10 Minecraft

minecraft video game
Via Pexels

Minecraft continues to be a very popular game, and it is often the talk of the schoolyard and chances are your child may have already come to you and asked for this game. According to Common Sense Media, this game is great for children because it fosters a sense of creativity in them.

3/10 Dora Puppy

dora the explorer cupcake
dora the explorer cupcake

If you have a child who is on the younger side of the school-aged child, there are a bunch of Dora games that are available that can really help them teach skills. Dora Puppy is just one example, and it involves taking care of a puppy. However, there are also ones for cooking and reading to help encourage their learning.

2/10 Gigantosaurus

a Gigantosaurus claw

Gigantosaurus is a popular TV show, so this is something that your children may be familiar with. This game lets families get in on the adventure, and it is great for parents who are looking for a game to entertain their children on those rainy nights

1/10 Pac-Man

a craft of pacman
a pacman craft

Pac-Man is something that almost everyone knows about, and it is a classic. It started off as an arcade game, but it has now been moved to video games for everyone to enjoy. This is a great introduction game for a child who is just getting used to playing video games, but they may find that mom and dad are playing the game a lot more.

Sources: PC Mag, Very Well Family, Common Sense Media


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