December 9, 2023
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Image Source : TWITTER Donald Mustard to retire from Epic Games

Donald Mustard, the renowned chief creative officer behind the global gaming phenomenon Fortnite and an influential figure at Epic Games, is set to retire this month, marking the end of a remarkable journey in the gaming industry.

Mustard’s legacy includes serving as both the creative and technical director for the critically acclaimed game, Shadow Complex. Released on Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade platform in 2009, Shadow Complex swiftly gained recognition as one of the finest “Metroidvania” titles ever crafted. It achieved significant success by shattering the platform’s sales records, selling an impressive 200,000 copies within a single week.

In a post shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), Mustard expressed his sentiments about his remarkable career: “I have enjoyed nearly 25 years in the game industry collaborating with some of the most talented people ever, and I am so proud of what we have made together.”

Mustard’s journey included pivotal roles in the creation of groundbreaking games such as Advent Rising, Undertow, Shadow Complex, and the renowned Infinity Blade trilogy. His work eventually led him to join the Epic Games family, where he played a pivotal role in shaping Fortnite into the global sensation it is today.

He expressed his excitement about dedicating more time to his family and thanked Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney and the entire Epic Games family for the incredible journey he experienced.

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Donald Mustard’s contributions extended beyond Fortnite; in 2016, he assumed the role of global creative director at Epic Games, overseeing various projects, including Battle Breakers and Epic’s first full-length VR game, Robo Recall. However, it was Fortnite that truly defined his legacy, bringing immense joy and delight to a vast and dedicated community of players.

In his farewell message, Mustard humbly acknowledged his role in the team’s mission to bring joy and delight to the Fortnite community. His retirement marks the end of an era in the gaming industry, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of interactive entertainment.

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