December 9, 2023

Play2Earn gaming, a system where users are rewarded with digital assets and cryptocurrency for completing objectives in games, has revolutionized the world of gaming. For decades, gamers have had to buy a game and then any other downloadable content, spending their money to directly get an entertaining experience. While this system worked well, the past few years have seen loot crates and Pay2Win gaming take over this space.

Since 2020, the amount of money spent on loot boxes and currency packs in video games has increased by nearly 40%. Each year, this total figure continues to rise, with experts predicting the market to generate $20.3 billion USD by 2025. For players that have additional disposable income, this common practice is a frustrating but necessary evil.

Yet, for players who don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of additional capital on a game they’ve already purchased, this practice has to stop. In direct retort to this, Play2Earn gaming, which actually rewards players for spending time in a game, has become a huge focus within the gaming community.

In this article, we’ll explore the exciting world of Play2Earn gaming, demonstrating how blockchain technology empowers this industry and has led to companies like LandRocker innovating the entire genre segment of gaming they exist in.

What Is Play2Earn Gaming and Why Is it So Impactful?

At the core of every gaming experience is one central factor: entertainment. No matter the game or its style, if players do not enjoy the hours they spend on it, they simply won’t play. Due to this, many games have a set life period, with single-player games having a core story to complete and multiplayer games having to issue updates to keep their players entertained.

For many, the older system of buying a game and having access to all of its content perfectly facilitated the above entertainment factor. Yet, many games now lock content away behind paywalls or in-game currencies, with Pay2Win or even Pay2Play experiences becoming increasingly popular.

The rise of Play2Earn gaming is a new era of gaming, one that turns away from capitalistic experiences and promotes additional ways for players to engage with their favorite games. Rather than forcing people to pay more and more to access the entertaining experiences they love, blockchain has empowered people to reduce the overall cost of gaming.

Many Play2Earn games will allow users to unlock NFTs or cryptocurrency throughout the core gameplay loop. After completing core objects, you may unlock crypto alongside the in-game experience. Not only does this allow you to keep playing to enjoy the game, but it also offers a financial incentive that synergizes with the entertainment factor.

Gamers who play blockchain P2E games are able to continuously find new reasons to play. Even if they tire of the gameplay itself, the ability to earn money while playing sustains them. For developers, this will result in people playing their games for much longer periods of time. Yet, the true advantage lies with the gamers themselves.

For gamers, the ability to earn passive currency from playing their favorite games is almost a dream. Instead of having to pay to play, they are being paid to play, creating an immensely positive gaming experience for them that keeps them coming back for more. And, with its vast applicability to different segments of gaming, this trend is taking off absolutely everywhere.

How Play2Earn Has Revolutionized the Mining Game Genre

The mining game genre, with titles like Minecraft, is one of the leading games in the world. For years, players have flocked to these games for their exciting worlds to discover and unique experiences. Yet, after playing through the core gameplay loop, people quickly lose interest and move to other games.

LandRocker seeks to change this, offering a unique Play2Earn system that players can employ to further incentivize their game-playing. Beyond just mining through new worlds and exploring, players generate NFTs, crypto tokens, and tradeable crafting materials from the core gameplay loop.

At the center of the LandRocker experience is each player’s Rover. By maneuvering through new landscapes and planets with the Rover, users are able to explore new lands, mine for resources, and collect exciting items throughout their travels. Yet, instead of only receiving resources in games, these collectible items are actually digitized assets.

By overcoming obstacles and gathering reviews, LandRocker users are able to gather materials, blueprints, and crafting materials. These are directly connected to the LRT token, which is an active cryptocurrency that users can sell and trade on open markets. With this connection, users can generate real-world profit just from playing the LandRocker experience.

Quite truly, mining for in-game resources turns into a generative method of mining and earning cryptocurrency, empowering users with a financial incentive to continue playing.

Final Thoughts

The Pay2Win gaming sector is starting to frustrate players around the world, with faceless Web 2 corporations attempting to maximize profits while minimizing free player experiences. Blockchain gaming presents an exciting opportunity to overcome this, with Play2Earn gaming providing users with a way of earning money while playing their favorite games.

LandRocker is a fantastic example of this, helping to innovate the mining game genre by bringing cryptocurrency mining to the physical gaming experience. Gamers are able to dig for digital gold, physically mining, while their game digitally mines for resources for them. Not only does this create a powerful and dynamic experience, but it allows players to earn capital while they play.

As Play2Earn gaming continues to dominate niche communities within the gaming sector, its prevalence will only grow. Over the next few years, there will likely be a huge shift toward Play2Earn gaming as it benefits gaming companies and players to a much greater extent.




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