December 9, 2023

Coco Chanel, one particular of the most renowned manner pioneers to date, famously stated, “Nature provides you the face you have at 20 it is up to you to advantage the deal with you have at 50.”

Youthful You Medaesthetics is a cosmetic laser therapy clinic primarily based in P.E.I. with the most present-day know-how to assist consumers with their skin care requirements. 

Regardless of whether you might be in your early 20s or late 50s, Diane MacDonald  ̶  the founder of Youthful You Medaesthetics, works by using the very best resources to support her shoppers lessen acne scars, clear away pores and skin blemishes, rejuvenate skin or laser their hair. 

“Sometimes individuals walk via the doorway for one matter and then finish up accomplishing diverse therapies for years since you can find a wide range of things that I do,” says MacDonald. 

MacDonald, previously a nurse, opened Youthful You Medaesthetics 11 many years back and extensively enjoys assisting people today with their pores and skin treatment needs to accomplish their wished-for benefits. 

Diane MacDonald founded Youthful You Medaesthetics 11 years ago. Her clinic is the only one on Prince Edward Island that offers the NeoGen Plasma treatment to clients. PHOTO CREDIT: Youthful You Medaesthetics.
Diane MacDonald established Youthful You Medaesthetics 11 yrs in the past. Her clinic is the only a single on Prince Edward Island that offers the NeoGen Plasma treatment to customers. Image Credit history: Youthful You Medaesthetics.

“For some persons, they’ve had a mark on their facial area for a extended time – or their complete lifestyle ¬– and I can get rid of it,” she claims. “Lots of instances there are tears lose. Happy tears.”  

MacDonald suggests the clinic is very best acknowledged in P.E.I. for skin rejuvenation and vascular treatment options. She adds no other clinic has plasma generators to do cutting-edge plasma remedy but hers.  

Customers can really feel reassured recognizing that right before MacDonald uses any know-how, she checks them on herself initially to ensure it is a good products. She can confidently affirm clientele will be exceptionally delighted with their outcomes. 

“I have to know it (the devices) execute the way they assert they do,” she claims. “Every device I have, I have tried out before purchasing it.” 

But what would make this clinic stand out is the NeoGen Plasma technologies that MacDonald works by using to rejuvenate the skin of individuals who want more healthy and youthful-wanting pores and skin. 

“It’s an total recreation changer for folks,” says MacDonald. “The purpose powering it was to generate the glance of anyone who had plastic surgical treatment, but up a notch because it also volumizes the experience.”  

Pictured is a client before using the NeoGen Plasma device (left) and 28 days after. PHOTO CREDIT: Youthful You Medaesthetics.
Pictured is a customer in advance of applying the NeoGen Plasma gadget (remaining) and 28 times just after. Photo Credit history: Youthful You Medaesthetics.

In accordance to MacDonald, the NeoGen Plasma machine, produced in the U.K., is an best substitute for plastic surgical procedures. This technological innovation can give clients the facelift seem that normally is reached via plastic operation but without extreme downtime – that means folks can go to work pretty much straight away without the need of stressing about the restoration procedure.

There are only four NeoGen Plasma equipment in the place, with MacDonald’s clinic being the only just one in the province to make the most of this device.  

“It does the tightening devoid of the terrible restoration – you are going to even now search like by yourself,” she suggests. “It also removes downtime, repairs the skin’s floor, and builds deep in. It fades all those reds, it will get rid of those browns, it gets rid of that craziness that persons get in their skin, and it helps make [the skin] little one smooth.”

The machine can journey by way of the various layers of skin, letting new collagen to type. This technology is remarkable for purchasers who want younger-hunting skin since it’s a a person-time treatment with negligible downtime. A series of three therapies can also be accomplished with no downtime at all. 

Furthermore, when there are various lasers that exist to aid people tighten their skin, the NeoGen is the only tool that cuts recovery time and receives the task performed in a person go. 

“With the NeoGen, you do not have to do upkeep solutions – you just do a single treatment,” says MacDonald.  

Youthful You Medaesthetics is a cosmetic treatment clinic based in P.E.I., using state-of-the-art technology to help clients with their skin care needs. PHOTO CREDIT: Youthful You Medaesthetics.
Youthful You Medaesthetics is a cosmetic cure clinic based mostly in P.E.I., utilizing condition-of-the-artwork know-how to assistance customers with their pores and skin care requires. Photo Credit rating: Youthful You Medaesthetics.

MacDonald acquired the technologies in September and began utilizing it on clients in November. To day, she’s utilized it on a lot more than 60 clientele. 

“I usually pull in long-standing purchasers to do treatment options and give them diminished charges at any time I get a new system,” she claims. 

She has also made use of it on herself to reassure individuals that this is the right software for them. 

“I have to know that it performs the way they (distributors) declare it does, and that it’s anything my consumers would tolerate,” she states. “I want to know the experience, what it feels like, and I want to know the restoration.” 

MacDonald repeatedly encourages men and women to look into the NeoGen Plasma procedure based on their skin care objectives. She hopes that all those thinking about if this is the correct tool for their skin will see the rewards of using a new technologies this kind of as this a person.  

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