December 3, 2023
Pune: Digital entertainment and technology firm JetSynthesys has launched a gaming startup, Jetapult, which will acquire gaming studios across India and other regions in an invest & operate (I&O) model. Rajan Navani, MD, JetSynthesys, told ET that the company intended to invest upto $100 million towards these acquisitions over the next 9-12 months. The new venture has already acquired one studio and is in talks to acquire a second one, said Navani, while declining the divulge more details about the acquisition.

“There are several talented gaming studios with great ideas who can truly scale themselves with the right mentorship and funding. Recognizing this market need, we decided to launch Jetapult on the back of JetSynthesys’ very successful model of acquiring and rapidly scaling gaming studios using global expertise and world class partnerships,” he said. Jetapult will be led by Sharan Tulsiani, whose previous experience includes leading Gaming at Google Play Asia – India and ANZ markets, along with their Indie Games Accelerator (IGA).

“Making games is a passionately

endeavour, but scaling them intrinsically is a scientific one,” said Tulsiani.

“The Jetapult I&O model will democratise gaming expertise and open opportunities at scale by partnering with talented studios in emerging markets. Helping them implement foundational frameworks and scientific-decision making will catalyse the long-term growth of the studios, its teams, and revenues.”

Jetapult will focus on acquiring and scaling revenue-generating Indie game development studios across emerging markets like India, South-East Asia, Middle East, South America as well as Australia, and New Zealand.

Earlier, JetSynthesys had taken a similar approach to growing Nautilus Games, a studio it acquired earlier. More recently, South Korean gaming major Krafton invested in Nautilus. to fill a dearth of long-term smart capital in the industry. Moreover, the start-up will create and grow an exciting roster of gaming companies commercially from a local market setting to an international perspective for scientific and sustainable scale.

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Jetapult’s key selection criteria for acquiring a gaming studio would be its growth-potential, presence of a strong team and revenue-generation along with a review of the games they make.

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