December 5, 2023

Insomniac Games’ upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has generated excitement among fans, especially after the May PlayStation Showcase where almost ten minutes of gameplay were revealed.

Peter Parker in Venom suit (Left) and Miles Morales. (Image Credit: Insomniac Games)
Peter Parker in Venom suit (Left) and Miles Morales. (Image Credit: Insomniac Games)

The showcased gameplay confirmed several theories, including the ability to switch between the two playable Spider-Men, Peter Parker encountering the notorious Venom symbiote, and a showcase of various game mechanics.

Following the gameplay reveal, fans began discussing the possibility of a darker tone in the sequel.

According to the Marvel comics when Peter Parker acquires the Black Suit, his character’s personality becomes progressively corrupted.

In the showcase, it becomes evident that Peter has been using the Venom symbiote for some time, resulting in a more aggressive and frustrated version of himself, in contrast to his usual amicable and witty persona.

The creative director, Bryan Intihar, and director, Ryan Smith, shed light on this tonal shift and provide insights into its implementation.

In an exclusive interview with Eurogamer. Intihar explains, “Whether it’s Kraven- which we confirmed in the beginning of the sequence-and obviously, we showed Venom when we first announced the game and now with the Symbiote and Pete being bonded with the Symbiote, there’s naturally going to be some darker elements to the story.”

However, the creators assure fans that Peter won’t be a consistently brooding or disillusioned hero throughout the game. They aim to strike a balance between the darker themes and the charm that Insomniac Games is known for.

Intihar acknowledges that finding this balance was a bit tricky but emphasizes that the team succeeded in delivering something human.

“It’s really finding that balance between those darker themes and characters, but also delivering that very human story where there’s a lot of heart and humour….I think that’s what was tricky,” by featuring lighthearted banter between Ganke Lee and Miles Morales, juxtaposed with Peter’s more moody and aggressive behavior towards the end.

Despite the promise of levity, the actor behind Spider-Man, Yuri Lowenthal, likens Peter’s reliance on the Venom symbiote to an addiction, a sentiment echoed by Intihar.

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They emphasize the serious treatment of the symbiote, exploring themes of addiction and its impact on Peter’s personality and relationships within the game. This character arc for Peter adds an intriguing dimension to the narrative.

It remains to be seen how Insomniac will navigate the complex character dynamics and balance the darker elements with the trademark humor and heart their games are known for. The deeper exploration of Peter’s bond with the Venom symbiote promises an engaging and thought-provoking experience for players.


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