December 4, 2023
Mobile Gaming Addiction


  • 13-year-old schoolgirl from China splurges INR 47 lakh on mobile games and in-app purchases!
  • Caught red-handed, crafty teenager admitted to erasing evidence of her digital spending spree!
  • The outrageous incident sparks debate on pay-to-win gaming culture and its impact on young minds.
In the addictive world of mobile gaming, tales of players going to extreme lengths for the win are not uncommon. But here’s a shocking twist – a 13-year-old girl from China who made a whopping INR 47 lakh disappear into the virtual vortex of pay-to-win games, leaving her parents in utter disbelief!

Paying For Winnings

This young secondary school student from Henan proved how much she yearned for digital dominance by burning through her parents’ life savings in a shocking four-month spending spree.

What she bought was not tangible; it was merely virtual goods and games on mobile apps, proving the escalating allure and danger of pay-to-win gaming culture.

A Revelation That Shook the Family

The parents were oblivious to their rapidly depleting bank balance until the girl’s teacher called up, expressing concern over the teen’s excessive mobile usage. The parents’ worst nightmare came true when they discovered a measly INR 3.70 left in their bank account from their previous fortune.

The relentless pursuit of in-game power led the young girl to spend approximately INR 12.6 lakh on games and a staggering INR 21.9 lakh on in-app purchases. That’s not all, she even spent thousands aiding her classmates’ gaming ambitions.

Caught in the Act

The girl had ingeniously linked her mother’s debit card to her phone and had the password at her disposal, all under the guise of ’emergency needs’.

While admitting her ignorance about money, the cunning lass knew exactly how to hide her tracks. She regularly deleted chat records and payment transactions, ensuring her secret remained undiscovered.

Seeking Refunds and Facing Backlash

The distressed mother, hoping to retrieve her vanished savings, approached several payment companies for a refund. Yet, the full amount is yet to be returned.

The incident sparked a storm on social media, with netizens divided in their blame – some pointing fingers at the crafty girl, while others criticised the parents.

In a country that considers video games “electronic drugs,” the young girl’s outrageous spending spree emphasizes the need for more rigid regulations on gaming time and purchases, especially among minors.


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