December 4, 2023

While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s second trailer sent the internet to hog heaven with Lechonk, the video also revealed the game’s two Legendary Pokemon–and the duo may be our first clues into what Pokemon trainers can expect in these new games.

The first new Legendary is Koraidon, who adorns the cover of Pokemon Scarlet. Koraidon is a massive red lizard-like creature that stands on its hind legs, its body adorned in blue and white feathers. The trailer shows the massive Pokemon standing on top of a rock, looking at the skies.

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The second new Legendary is Miraidon, who will feature on the cover of Pokemon Violet. Miraidon has a more technological look than its counterpart, with a glowing body and tail along with its legs being replaced by what look like jet engines allowing it to hover. We also see Miraidon on top of a rock, in a nearly mirror image to Koraidon.

This reveal, coupled with a few other details in the second trailer, seem to point to a conflict between nature and technology, with Scarlet leaning more toward the natural order and Violet leaning toward tech.

Professor Sada (left) and Professor Turo
Professor Sada (left) and Professor Turo

One major clue is the music that plays in the trailer while each Pokemon is revealed: when Koraidon is on-screen, the drum beats sound more tribal and earthy, while Miraidon’s music takes a more electronic tone. The two new professors–Sada for Scarlet and Turo for Violet–lean into this motif, with Sada dressed in cavewoman-esque attire under her lab coat and Turo in a sci-fi bodysuit.

No story details have been confirmed in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s first two trailers, but we’ll know more when the games launch for Nintendo Switch on November 18.

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