December 3, 2023
Hirschi High School student Ann James

Hirschi High School junior Ann James will teach Tech for Teen‘s free online course, giving back to her community by providing kids an outlet to learn more and explore their creativity through the world of coding.

James joined Tech for Teens in 2017, learning from the nonprofit’s founder, Sonya Ganeshram, a Hirschi graduate now attending Harvard University.

“She did a wonderful job in teaching the classes,” James said via email. “Since then, I have continued to learn how to code and was co-teacher for Tech for Teens in 2020.”

The new semester begins Monday, and students can sign up and take the courses through The nonprofit also has a Facebook page and email,¬†[email protected].

James said teens who want to learn how to code should never be afraid of failing.

Tech for Teens participated in a Day of Code on May 18, 2019.

“Coding can become more complex as you start to learn more, but you should never quit,” she said.

“Coding is an area where you can learn from your failures to improve as you continue. The whole thing is a puzzle, and sometimes you might realize that the missing piece is right in front of you,” James said.

The Tech for Teens course offers detailed instructions in lessons covering the basics of computer programming, she said


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