December 4, 2023

An Internet shortage felt throughout Coachella Valley schools this year could be a warning shot for both the state and the nation, an example of how a rapid climb of classroom technology and online testing can stress a limited bandwidth.

As a high school student, it is sad and concerning for me to see the increasing reliance on technology as a substitute for direct instruction in our schools.

Classrooms across the nation have more access than ever to online, self-paced programs, individual devices, and instructional packages for teachers. It would seem the post-distance learning, newly discovered use of technology to aid in instruction is a positive.

However, our access to technology is not aiding the learning process, it’s replacing the magic of teacher-to-student connection and animated classroom discussions.

According to EdWeek, as of May 2020, at least 59 percent of schools in the U.S. have a computer for every student, and per Gallup, 65 percent of teachers use technology to teach every day.

However, in a 2020 Gallup poll, only 27 percent of teachers felt that “a lot of information is available” about the effectiveness of the tens of thousands of educational technology apps now accessible to them, and yet, those apps have a greater presence in the classroom especially following remote learning.


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